live oak fresh wound painting

Asked July 28, 2014, 7:04 AM EDT

Is latex type paint preferable than oil based paint? how soon after pruning should painting be done?


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Painting oak tree wounds is to keep insects that may carry oak wilt away from the trees. The insects feed on the sap from the wounds. This time of year the insects that carry oak wilt spores are not active.

Yes, latex paint is ok.

‘All wounding of oaks (including pruning) should be avoided from February through June. The least hazardous periods for pruning are during the coldest days in midwinter and extended hot periods in mid- to late summer. Regardless of season, all pruning cuts or other wounds to oak trees, including freshly-cut stumps and damaged surface roots, should be treated immediately with a wound or latex paint to prevent exposure to contaminated insect vectors.’

Quote from which was written by tree experts from Texas A&M University