Open Space vs Township zoning laws W Bloomfield MI 48323

Asked July 27, 2014, 4:30 PM EDT

My sub is a private non-profit corp. on an inland lake. Since 1984 they never pulled permits to do work or installations. My lot is Lakeview and beachside. #1. Results: They graveled over a swale outlet resulting in rain water over pooling and dumping into my lot destroying landscape and filling my heat/cooling vents the last 3 years. I have proof they ignore. Problem #2 Sub wants to install a 70'x34' Play Scape immediately behind my house & beachside. There are 4-6 other areas of Open Space here. I called Twp. now they need a permit. They are moving forward, hired a surveyor and in retaliation they staked out an area for the Play Scape now closer behind my house & ALSO at my walk out path to the beach. This impedes my views, easy access & property value. Now the Board refuses to communicate with me regarding any information. They sent a scathing email to other residents slandering my action to the Twp. They can change Open Space rules by a 60% sub vote and I fear the twp. zoning laws won't protect me. So do the W. Bloomfield Twp. laws regarding nusiance, views & set backs over ride the subdivision Corp's Open Space? Can I halt this action with out a lawyer & appeal to the Twp. If they get a 60% should I take action before that so I am in the Open Space old rules?

Oakland County Michigan

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I recommend that you have a conversation with your local township planner or zoning administrator. If your association is not in compliance with the local ordnances, then you will have a stronger case.

In terms of nuisance ordinances, most communities address such issues in a separate section of their local code of ordinances. The zoning administrator should be able to help you with local nuisance ordinances. Most likely, the township will be able to assist you if there is a violation of some local ordinance.

If there is no violation, then you may have to pursue other personal means to address the issue.