Can we take down our Japanese Beetle traps now. Has the "season"...

Asked July 26, 2014, 7:42 PM EDT

Can we take down our Japanese Beetle traps now. Has the "season" ended? Our Little Leaf Linden was only about 40% damaged this year, much less than last year when we did not have the traps up.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We do not recommend the use of japanese beetle traps. You should take them down. Single traps attract beetles from the entire neighborhood and concentrates the damage in a small area close to the trap site.
Pressure has been heavy this year regarding the Japanese beetle in some areas. Linden, cherry trees, and plants in the rose family are preferred. Some beetle injury is tolerated by most plants. Do not expect to rid your entire yard of all beetles.
Controlling adult japanese beetles is difficult. Options include: going out in the mornings when the beetles are sluggish, and knock them off trees and shrubs into a bucket of soapy water. (You cannot do this on mature trees).
Plant non-host plants. Insecticides provide only temporary relief when populations are heavy. For young trees, you can try spraying neem oil which is a botanical pesticide that has repellent properties and has low toxicity to humans and other insects. The adult beetles have to be hit directly and follow all label directions. Avoid treating plants when pollinators are present.
See our publication on japanese beetles for more information