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Asked July 25, 2014, 7:06 PM EDT

About three years ago I bought 2 apple trees, one a Dorsett Golden and the other I believe was an Anna tree. The past two years the Dorsett has given apples, last year about 15, this year about 50 or so. The other tree, which I am not sure what it is because the tag fell off but I believe to be Anna, has yet to produce. The "Anna" tree blooms about a month or so after the Dorsett. I'm wondering if the unknown tree is an Anna or do you know of any tree that blossoms about a month or so after Dorsett? I was wondering if its worth to hang on to the tree or replace it? The tree is growing and is actually a little bit bigger than the Dorsett. Thanks for any help.

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Unfortunately, apples are very challenging, almost impossible, to cultivate successfully in Texas. They require more chilling and deeper soils than we have. They also have very specific requirements for cross-pollination with other apple cultivars. Consequently, your 'Anna', or whichever cultivar it might be, will most likely never produce fruit. On the off-chance that it is not an 'Anna' and chilling is not the issue, you might consider planting a crab apple. Crab apples cross-pollinate most apple cultivars.
Here are some links to Extension publications that I think you will find helpful: