Last year I cleared a 8'x16' patch of earth in my concrete back yard and...

Asked July 24, 2014, 9:24 PM EDT

Last year I cleared a 8'x16' patch of earth in my concrete back yard and planted a vegetable garden for the first time in many years. It was amazingly successful with only water (no fertilizer). In particular the "Better Boy" breed tomatoes were off the charts in abundance, size and taste. I was hooked. This year I did the same, bot plants from the same nursery in Glen Burnie and planted, the same spices, lettuce and tomatoes and added two strawberry plants and three peppers. Again, just water. But this year al;l is good except the tomatoes! They won't seem to mature. The few that have turned at all have been blotchy. And when cut opn the insides are all hard and wrong. Cutting them sounds like cutting apples. They cant seem to mature. The plants are tall and full of fruit. Just bad fruit. So, can you tell from the pictures what is going on? The only difference from last year is that they went in late.

Baltimore Maryland

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My best guess based is that it may be a combo of cultivar (I think those fruits are not Better Boy) and nutrition. Low K is associated with excessive white pith. She should fertilize with a balanced fertilizer that has equal N and K %. Also, add organic matter this fall and have soil tested.

Everything is a few weeks late this year because of the cold this spring. You might want to leave your tomatoes on the vine a bit longer to get better ripening. You might also want to look at this publication to see things that can cause anomalies in tomatoes. vw