I have 2 weeds I'd like identified. One I call "water weed" as it...

Asked July 24, 2014, 9:46 AM EDT

I have 2 weeds I'd like identified. One I call "water weed" as it seems to be composed mostly of water. I can reach a height or 5' or more and it eventually gets little yellow flowers. It's easy to pull and the deer love it. How does it spread? I pull it all the time and I don't see any underground runners. The second is a pretty little vine that seems to come up every year. If I could contain it, the flower is very pretty and I wouldn't mind having it somewhere in the landscape. The flower is the unusual part. It is about the size of a violet and is very blue with a yellow center. What is it? Will it transplant easily? and how does it spread?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The yellow one is easy to identify. It is jewel weed or touch me not - a form of wild impatiens. Of all the weeds I have, it is the most welcome. Can you tell me more about the other vine? Is it in shade or sun, how tall, what are the branches like, etc. a picture would be even better. Does it form berries like bittersweet? what do the flowers look like? Any information will help in identification.

Mary K...thanks for the reply, first about the water weed ( jewel weed ) and then the questions for the other...I can't get you a [picture right now, but I'll try to explain further. The flower is small, not unlike a violet, in both size and form. Unlike almost every weed I'm familiar with, the flower is a bright true blue with a true yellow center. I can't say that it is truly a vine. I think each plant gets to be about 12" at most and there are many coming up at any one time. I suspect it is happier in the shade but seems to pop up every where. It's been growing in my yard for many years and seems to have spread maybe 9 to 10 feet in that time. The foliage is a bright green and very "crisp". I think there is only one flower per "stalk". The "stalks" are not very supportive and would probably lay on the ground were it not for the fact that either there are so many or they grow among other weeds which hold them up. They're easy to pull (if you even want to pull them) and I have no idea how they propagate themselves. I've not really searched it out but I haven't seen any underground connections between plants nor have I seen any go to seed...It's a mystery and they are pretty little things...and no one seems to know what they are either...

Could the second plant be solonum dulcamara?

I also have this plant and it grows in the same area as the jewel weed. The solanum stem tends to vine and grow over other plants and will get somewhat taller than 12 inches. However, the small purple flowers are at the top end of the branch. They are also easy to plants to pull from the places they are not wanted.