I converted a 600W 24V MPPT controled wind Turbine back to 3 phase

Asked July 24, 2014, 6:45 AM EDT

I connected the 3 independent wires of the sator to 3 seperate cables then connected them to a Hybrid 3phase controller but it burnt out the controller after about 12hrs. I do believe the Wind turbine did not move as there has been no wind, I thought it was a faulty controller so I connected another but the same thing happened in about 5minutes....So what have I missed or done wrong????...I did test the Turbine with a meter after it was all put back together and all seemed fine, I got a reading when I turned the sator....Could I just put a 3 phase rectifier and then connect to a 24V solar controller, would that solve the problem???/...Many thanks in advance Clive

Outside United States

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We are able to answer your question. A wind turbine installer may have enough info about the individual components to help.

Good luck with you project