Corn plant is unusual

Asked July 23, 2014, 5:28 PM EDT

I planted corn this year. I was surprised with what grew. It was not the tall green and leafy variety that I see on the road. This was short and produced a smaller ear of corn. Just wanted to know what I planted. The seeds just said corn and I got them from Lowes. Attached is a picture. Thanks,

New Castle County Delaware

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You likely planted sweet corn if you purchased the seed from Lowes. The seed packet will confirm this. The corn you see driving down the road is most likely field corn which is much taller than sweet corn. I suggest taking a soil sample in your garden and send to a soil testing lab for analyses. Sweet corn is a heavy nitrogen user and should be fertilized with nitrogen at planting and again when it's 12-15" tall. Phosphorus and potassium applications will be determined by the soil test.