How to determine if a tree is diseased and should be removed

Asked July 23, 2014, 3:30 PM EDT

I live in a 55+ community. I am a member of the Grounds Committee for our Civic Association. One of our home owners has expressed concerns about a mature tree behind their condo. Before paying for a tree expert to come out we are hoping that you might provide this service as an extension to the community. Can you tell me what services you provide? I can forward an email with pictures if you send me an email address. OK to share my questions but not my email address.

New Castle County Delaware

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Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension. You may receive a short survey after the answer to this question.
It is difficult to tell what might be wrong with the tree without seeing a sample. The Master Gardeners in New Castle County do have a program under which they will visit a site to help with landscapes, for a fee. The information may be found at:
You might want to consider sending a picture, a digital image, in an e-mail to the Master Gardener Help Line, and following that up with a sample brought in to the County office for UD Cooperative Extension. A sample that shows a range of symptoms or a margin between healthy and affected is usually best.
One of the first things you can do is to try to reduce stress on trees in the development. Tree that are in good vigor withstand environmental stress better than trees that have been compromised by poor soil, poor, drainage, or other issues.

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Attached are images of the tree. I will follow up on the Master Gardeners site visit option.