Red Haven Peaches SW Michigan

Asked July 23, 2014, 1:26 PM EDT

I see this re: 2013--
For 2013, the estimated onset of Redhaven for Berrien County is predicted to be Aug. 2, comparable to the long-term average of Aug. 3 and 10 days behind last year. Over the years, the estimated harvest dates are generally within a few days of the actual observed harvest.

But I don't find anything for 2014.

Whats the expected harvest of Red Havens in Berrien Co. Mich. Thanks.

Kane County Illinois

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Thank you for your email to eXtension. Your question got routed to me, and since I'm in southern Indiana, I really had no way of knowing when peaches in Michigan are expected to ripen.

Using Google and plugging in your question, I came across the southwest Michigan fruit report for July 8: . According to this report, " Red Haven harvest for central Berrien County is predicted to begin approximately Aug. 3."

Backing up to the most recent report for July 22 makes no mention of Red Haven, but does say this: "Peach varieties ripening this week in central Berrien County include Harrow Diamond, Early Star and PF-5D Big. Glenglo and Rising Star harvest should start soon."

For future harvests, I would suggest that you bookmark this page from Michigan State: . This gets updated very regularly with fruit reports from all over the state. If you click on the header bar at the top, you can find other weekly reports for gardens, other Ag crops, etc.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.