Name & Age of Plant: Peach Tree, age unknown, estimated @7-10+years......

Asked July 23, 2014, 10:43 AM EDT

Name & Age of Plant: Peach Tree, age unknown, estimated @7-10+years... Problem & Question: In a few peaches have been swallowed by a brown/tan mold that extends to adjacent leaves (see attached image). In addition, the main trunk & main supporting branches have an amber ooze excreted in pustules. The amber ooze appears to effect the majority of bark and is increasing in intensity, while the tan mold on peaches was just noticed July 22nd and is not widespread. *I suspect the amber ooze is Leucostoma canker whose wounds invited borers underneath the skin of the tree, exacerbating the sores. I think the sap is the peach tree's defense.... but I would love your expert identification and advice for immediate or long-term care. Growing conditions: full sun Soil problems: unknown Pesticide and fertilizer applications: Bonide w/ captan was used in the past by former occupant. We haven't applied anything since we moved into this new home with the orchard - January 2014.

Baltimore Maryland

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The peaches in the photo look like they were subject to brown rot, a fungal disease. Also, looks like the fruits can benefit from thinning. See our publication below.
Many cycles of infection can occur in one growing season and ripening fruits are most vulnerable to infection. Peaches usually require a spray schedule for control. A protective fungicide barrier is critical from prebloom through preharvest. It is too late to spray this year. At least, remove and dispose of fruit mummies from the ground and from trees and always try to remove fruit stems attached to the mummies. For spray schedules and management information see our paid publication The Home Fruit Production Guide. This publication is not online. Please send us your name and address and we will send you a copy.
Also see our publication on stone fruits for more information
and our Fruit Profile on Peaches