Need a pumpkin plant, not seeds

Asked July 22, 2014, 2:50 PM EDT

Please, I am in big trouble. I uprooted Mother's pumpkin plant. No time to regrow from seed. Is it at all possible to obtain a growing pumpkin vine and re-plant ? I have called just about every nursery and greenhouse that I can find. Save me !! Richard Cronin 305 Charleston Drive Limestone Hills Wilmington, DE 19808 Home: 302-239-3873 Cell: 302-598-8440

New Castle County Delaware

3 Responses

Richard - have you tried Lowes/Home Depot? All I can suggest is what you did - call garden centers and see if they have any inventory left. Otherwise, looks like you'll have to bake Mom a nice pumpkin pie and beg forgiveness (don't worry - Mom's always forgive....).

Thank you, Carol. I'll keep trying. It isn't for a pumpkin pie. The wife likes to throw out a few seeds then grow our own pumpkin(s) right along the front walk for the kids at Halloween. It's a planting of love.

Richard - If all else fails, I might suggest buying some seeds of a smaller pumpkin variety - if planted right now, you should have something by Halloween - you have about 100 days! Good luck!