My walnut trees in my field all bent over as if a high wind blow them. The...

Asked July 21, 2014, 8:37 PM EDT

My walnut trees in my field all bent over as if a high wind blow them. The trunks are not cracked or broke, just bent

Cumberland County Pennsylvania

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Very strange indeed. The only explanation I can imagine is a heavy load of nut fruit on the ends of the branches that have weighted the trees over to one side. Is the problem on all your walnut trees? Is the bend in the same direction for all trees? It could be a combination of the heavy fruit and extreme winds although I don't recall any extreme weather in recent weeks in your area. If it is the fruit load then you could do some pruning to see if it returns to an upright position. Can you share additional pics if multiple trees involved? A close up of the fruit load would be helpful. Feel free to respond with additional information if available. Thank you.

There are 14 trees that are bent. Some slightly, some all the way to the ground. They all bend to the east. The fruit load is small. I've attached more pics. You are welcome to come see them your self or send someone. The ones in the front yard and the forest seem fine. I can't attach all of the pics so I'll just pick three of them

If this happened very rapidly, I would say that it had be some sort of wind event. If it occurred over a longer period of time, over winter for instance, it could be snow or ice load. Other than that I do not know what else would cause this to happen.