Cyclamen/ Broad Mite..outdoor Organic garden

Asked July 21, 2014, 2:58 PM EDT

Hello, I have an infestation of what I believe to be mites. It was first observed on my over wintered Larkspur, Plants were compacted, distorted and starting to turn black. I removed the affected plants and disposed of them. I have also been spraying Blue Dawn dish soap, with all this rain I am certain it is washing away too quickly. Other plants severely effected are snapdragon, cleome, tomato (one Variety), I am also seeing some impact on the zinnias, Borage and peppers. I recently planted a 50ft double row of strawberries next to this area and have been spraying them too, there are a few plants affected in that bed. What can I do to make sure that they do not overwinter? I intend to continue the insecticidal soap for now. Is there any crop I can plant in the affected or near the affect spaces to discourage their proliferation? Or fall maintenance tips? Please help!

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