Hood River Cherry Tree

Asked July 21, 2014, 2:51 PM EDT

I am looking for a fruit tree for my yard. Recently ate some "hood river" cherries -yum! Is this a type of cherry or just the region where it came from? If it's a type, does it seem likely it would grow well in Southwest Eugene, OR? And would I need more than one?

Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables

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Hood River has MANY cherries that it grows.

The Hood River cherry is a general term for cherries grown in the Hood River but I will check when the reference person is available.
Most cherries can grow in the Willamette valley. We always recommend an eating variety and a pollinating variety.
Guess: Bing, Lambert or Lapin.

Pollinizer variety: Sam, or Van.

A 3 in one or a 4 in one is an easy way to have a pollinizer for the other trees but can be spendy.