Measure 15-119 - GMO Ban in Jackson County

Asked July 21, 2014, 1:58 PM EDT

How is Measure 15-119 (The GMO Ban) being implemented in Jackson County? The bill states that GMO crops must be harvested, destroyed or removed from Jackson County 12 months after the bill's passage. We are a quarter of the way through that 12 month period, what kind of work is being done to ensure the bill's effectiveness?

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

As I meet with Commissioner Breidenthal this past week, the county is still working out the details as they currently have no department or staff to do enforcement of Measure 15-119. My recommendation is for the person submitting the question to contact Jackson County (Doug Breidenthal ( to get the most up-to-date answer to this question.

Philip Van Buskirk