Bug bite

Asked July 21, 2014, 1:40 PM EDT

My son just got bit by this insect. It was in his shoe and bit him when he put it on. He said it stung like a bee. It bled a tiny bit and got white and swollen about the size of a nickel and red around that. I want to make sure it's not poisonous. Anyone know what it is?

El Paso County Colorado insect issues

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I wanted to get back with you right away even if I don't have an ID at this time. I glanced at a website with "biting insects" in Colorado, but I could not find a match tonight.
If you have any medical concerns, regarding the insect bite, please consult your physician or an urgent care .
in the meantime I will continue looking for a match

Thank you so much. The swelling in down with mostly just a dot left. I looked online with my limited knowledge and didn't see anything either. Please let me know what else you find out.

I'm sorry to tell you that I still don't have an answer for you after checking multiple sites. Some of the identification parts (mouthparts, possible wings?) are hard to see once the picture is magnified. I browsed pictures hoping I would come across it, but I was not successful.
I believe that it is an immature bug, as the markings on the abdomen show partially developed. If you still have the insect you could take it into the Master Gardener Help Desk at the CSU Extension on 17 N Spruce Street of Bijou and I-25, they would be able to put it under the microscope.for the remainder of the ID questions.
I'm sorry I was not able to give you an answer by just the picture.

I don't have the bug anymore. As a matter of fact, seconds after I took the pic, it moved, so I squashed it.
Well, guess we'll never know. But my son is fine, so it's obviously not poisonous. Thanks so much for trying