clover and grass in my periwinkle

Asked July 21, 2014, 1:08 PM EDT

My front landscape embankment has periwinkle planted in it. It is growing well but has lots of stray grass, clover and weeds. Is there something I can put on it so the grass, clover, and weeds are eliminated without hurting the periwinkle? We put preen on in the spring but there is still lots of clover and grass. Can you please recommend a product that is easy to apply.

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I am afraid that the short answer to your questions is ,”No!” Any broadleaf weed killer will kill your periwinkle. Pre-emergent weed killers like Preen will only work on preventing seed germination. That might work for you in the fall or next spring, but it will not touch the weeds that are up and growing. Preen will not kill perennial weeds and there are perennial types of both clover and grass.

I recommend that you pull the weeds by hand this summer and then apply a pre-emergent in the fall and spring. If you do elect to do apply a pre-emergent, read the label carefully and follow all directions.

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