What type of material should I use to fill between paver stone?

Asked July 21, 2014, 12:54 PM EDT

A couple of years back my wife and I replaced a landscaped wall that was built with a nice mix of stone. We repurposed the stone to be used as ground cover under our deck, nothing grew there but weeds and the stone ended up looking very nice. We had a contractor make sure the grading was draining away from the building and added a subbase of ~ 3" of class 5 material. We then configured the stone and filled the gaps with sand. We thought the class five and sand would blend in time and get hard but it didn't happen. When it rains the sand in the gaps gets pushed around and looks bad. Our thought now is to to find a poduct to pour into the voids (liquid or grainular) that would harden but yet stand up to expansion and contraction associated with Minnesota winters We went to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and saw a least three different materials used on stone walking paths and are hoping to learn what these products are or if there is other advice/pruducts best suited for our purpose. Attached are some photos showing existing conditions Thanks in advnce for any help you may offer

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Use a polymer modified paver-finishing sand remember no material is forever so you may have to deal with a few weeds. Check http://www.packagepavement.com/package-pavement-products/joint-lock-finishing-sand/ for more information.

Any natural products like a clay or perhaps stone. The 3 solutions I saw at the U of M arboretum appear to have been 1) polymer product as you recommended 2) a hard clay like material 3) a gray clay like material with a fine grey chipped stone on top of it I'm wondering if you might guess as to the product used on options 2&3 Thanks again!