mature spruce tree

Asked July 19, 2014, 8:06 PM EDT

The top four feet of a 50 ft. spruce has lost all it's needles. I have noticed several trees on Open Space with the same problem. Is there something we could do to stop the loss of needles?

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Hi there, Thank you for your question about the Spruce. To help answer your question, would you please answer a few questions about the spruce? Is there anything different that's being done to the spruce? Such as, pesticides, limited watering, fertilizing? Did the needles turn brown first and fall off? When did you first notice the loss of needles? Spring, summer? Fall, Winter? Is your tree close to the open space where you noticed the other spruce with a similiar problem? Or, is this a solitary tree? How old is the tree? And do you know the variety? Thank you for helping us help you!

Hi, I'm sending a picture to help identify the tree. It is 1/4 mile from the trees I saw in Open Space. We have lived here 20 yrs. and it was an old tree then. There has been no change in the watering and we haven't used pesticides. The needles turned brown and then fell off and we first noticed it this spring. The tree is next to other pine and deciduous trees, but it the lone spruce. It is right next to houses.

It is difficult to investigate further without some samples from the tree. If you would like is to diagnose further, please bring in a sample to the Boulder extension office. There is a small fee of $7 for this services.