Sulfur smell out of clothes

Asked July 19, 2014, 5:53 PM EDT

We accidentally washed a load of clothes with some sulfur and now they all stink really bad. We've tried washing with baking soda and then with vinegar, left them out in the sunshine and they still smell. Any ideas on getting rid of the odor. We would very much appreciate your help in this matter.

Dallas County Texas

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You have done many of the step that are recommended for removing sulfur odor. One additional step would be to wash your clothes again, adding "washing soda" to the detergent. Arm & Hammer makes a product called Super Washing Soda, which is a detergent booster. You can find it in Walmart and other stores. While Extension does not promote specific products, I understand that this product has been helpful in removing stubborn odors. Just follow the package directions.