bugs in my apple tree

Asked July 19, 2014, 8:57 AM EDT

I got a survey for my question, but I never got an answer. Please help. My Apple tree appears to have either a disease or bugs. Brown spots are on the Apple's and some of the leaves look like brown lace. Thanks!

Cumberland County North Carolina

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Hi there,

An expert did send a response to your question. Here's what was sent:

I assume that you probably are not applying any fruit tree spray to your tree. It sounds like it could be Japanese beetle damage to the leaves. If you do not see any beetles now, you do not need to spray, and the tree should be starting to put on more new leaves. A little fertilizer may help with new growth.

Have you had Japanese beetles in your area? If you are using J. beetle traps, this may have attracted a larger number of beetles this year than normal. If needed, an application of carbaryl (Sevin) - refer to label directions for the rate that should be applied for apples - should control beetles. If worm larvae are problem, then a BT product, like Dipel, should work fine. If you need someone to take a look to identify the pest causing the problem, you may call the Cumberland County Extension office at 910-321-6860, if you live in that county.


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