Tomato Plant

Asked July 18, 2014, 11:49 PM EDT

My cherry tomato plant is in a 55 gal cont. with large cage. No complaints, it is going crazy and producing very well. ( I should have this problem with all my veg's :)) Problem is it is bushing up and over the top of the cage by about 4' in all directions. I am concerned with the weight of the branches and tom's the branches are going to break at the point where the branches are laying on the cage. I already see where one of the branches is showing bruising. What do I do? Also, they look and feel ripe, but the skin is tough? thx you

Shasta County California

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I'm based in Oregon and work with small farms rather than gardens, so I'm not quite sure why I got your question. Up here we often prune and tip tomatoes to slow down vegetative growth about this time of year and encourage more fruiting. That helps us get more fruit before the end of the growing season.

In your area the best technique would depend on the length of your growing season and the variety (i.e. determinate vs. indeterminate). I would recommend you refer to this UC publication and get an opinion from the advisors at your local Master Gardener location - I think their experience would be more relevant than mine.

You might also consider larger trellising systems. With your long growing season, I expect you could ripen a lot of fruit on a relatively large plant.

Good luck - it sounds like a lot of things are going well with your plants!