I have a backyard garden with a variety of vegetables. Two weeks ago around...

Asked July 17, 2014, 9:58 PM EDT

I have a backyard garden with a variety of vegetables. Two weeks ago around July 4th, I noticed about 6 beetle like bugs on the leaves of the cucumber plants. I removed them all, but they keep coming back. I pick off all the ones I see, but the next day there are new ones again. I sprayed the plants with Neem once on 7/13, but they still keep coming back. Most of them are in pairs as in the photo. I was unable to hold a ruler and take a picture at the same time. The bugs are about the size of a stink bug but skinnier and can fly. The plants are in good shape, but some leaves look like somethings been eating them so I am worried that one day they will devour everything. Thanks for any suggestions you have to get rid of them - I dont want to use harsh pesticides.

Howard County Maryland

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These are mating squash bugs. Here is a page from the Grow It Eat It portion of our website about them and their control: http://extension.umd.edu/growit/insects/squash-bug
They overwinter on plant debris etc. so end-of-season clean up is helpful to reduce populations next year. You can also leave a couple of squash in the garden after you remove the vines, and check them periodically and kill the bugs that come to it.

So appreciative of the quick response - thank you! The Neem bottle says to apply on a 7 day cycle - does that mean I can only use this product once per week, every 7 days? Or apply 7 days in a row to see results? Thanks again, the article has just what I need to save my cucumbers.


The instructions mean spray the product once per week. Good luck.