Cherry Tree

Asked July 17, 2014, 9:18 PM EDT

I have a new cherry tree that was planted in the spring. It is suffering from a disease I think. The leaves have dark black spots, on its veins and sides. The leaves eventually turn yellow. Literally all the leaves are like this. I try to use organic methods on my plants. My other fruit trees seem to be doing ok. What could be the issue?

Multnomah County Oregon

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After I wrote this response the photo that you attached was finally made visible. This is cherry leaf spot. Please refer to the information about cherry leaf spot that I've provided a link for below. For now, you can disregard the other links.

How big are the black spots? If they are small dots it could be cherry leaf spot. If they are larger spots it could be either Coryneum blight or Pseudomonas leaf spot. In any event, make sure that the leaves don't get wet when the tree is irrigated. Wet leaves and trunk can cause severe problems on cherry. It is best to irrigate with a drip system of some kind. Here are four links that give more information about these three diseases. In the control sections you will notice behind some of the listed chemicals an "O" in a box. This indicates an organic control method. Also pay particular attention to the cultural control methods that are listed. An "H" in the box means that the product is approved for homeowners. Here are the links:
Cherry leaf spot:
Coryneum blight: and