Determining Gender/Breed in Chickens

Asked July 15, 2014, 11:55 PM EDT

I live in Nederland, Texas, and am new to raising chickens. I recently bought my first 3, and was told that the 1st and 2nd ones were an Americana, and Dominicker, respectively, but that they aren't breed true. I think that they are just over 2 months old. The couple I got them from also said that they were almost positive that they are hens. I'm not as concerned with having a specific breed as I am with having chickens that are very friendly, and also good layers. Could you please help me figure out their gender? If possible, I would like to know their likely breeds too. The 3rd is a Silkie. The man I got it from had no idea about its gender, despite claiming to have been raising them for a year and a half. I think that it's a little over 1 month old. I would like to know its gender. If it's a roo, will it be very loud? If not, I may still keep it. He said Silkies aren't very loud, but I don't trust him. I can send more photos upon request. I appreciate your time and consideration. v/r, Darren Bailey

Jefferson County Texas

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The breeds are wrong for the first two chicks - if they are not purebreds (not breed true) it is hard to say what they are. The Ameraucana typically has a beard and muffs - which this chick does not. The Dominique has a rose comb and the second chick has a single comb. The third is a silkie. It is hard to tell from the photos but I think the first is a hen and the second MAY be a rooster. It is hard to tell with slikies. There is an article on the external anatomy of a chicken that may help as they get older - . If any are roosters they should be starting to try and grow soon, if they have not done so already.