How do I get rid of clover in my lawn?

Asked July 12, 2014, 9:41 AM EDT

How do I get rid of clover in my lawn?

Van Buren County Michigan

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Clover isn't hard to kill, if you get after it when you see it. If let go however, it will multiply quickly, to gargantuan proportions and becomes much harder to control. Any broadleaf weed control will control it. Fertilizers containing broadleaf weed control will work. Liquid sprays work well too, the most notable being Weed B Gon. Caution is advised however, if spraying when the clover is in bloom. It will negatively impact the honeybee population which will be actively seeking the nectar. Best to wait until the plants are not in flower.

Longer term, clover is associated with lack of nutrients in the soil and fertilization is the logical answer. Here is a link to more info:

Good luck!