When is it safe to remove new tree stakes?

Asked July 11, 2014, 3:54 PM EDT

Hello, I moved into a new development that has trees in all the front yards with ugly green stakes attached. I have gotten mixed information on when it is safe to remove these. Searching on the internet yields result form 6 months to a year. The trees are about 10 feet tall and I have removed my stakes with no problems the tree seems well rooted. I also read we could actually harm the tree leaving the stakes too long. The company that placed them seems to want us to leave them in for 2 years. Any advice?

Larimer County Colorado

1 Response

There has been evidence to show that staking longer than one year can actually start to damage trees long-term. The current recommendation is to not leave stakes on longer than one year, unless it's an extenuating circumstance. If the tree seems stable in the ground and the root ball isn't moving, then removing the stakes is recommended.