best crabapple tree that holds it fruit and is most disease resistant. thanks k

Asked July 11, 2014, 3:24 PM EDT

best crabapple tree that holds it fruit and is most disease resistant. thanks k

Anoka County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. The "best" tree is a very subjective decision and disease resistance is relative. Cultivars are often rated highly resistant, somewhat resistant or susceptible to common apple diseases such as scab, fireblight, leaf spot and rust. On tagged trees offered for sale look for the words "resistant" or "highly resistant." Please note that "resistant" varieties are rarely, if ever, "immune." This publication from North Dakota Extension lists many crabapple trees hardy in our area, their disease resistance, and how long they hold their fruits Crabapple cultivars Northern Plains
You can search this list by flower color, tree form, and foliage color.

thanks Anita for your quick reply. The info from the link you sent me is from a study ending in 2002. I have the red splendor that is recommended and It has been a nightmare here in Anoka county. Are there any current recommendations?


So sorry your tree didn't do well. The most complete and zone applicable research based information I could find was the North Dakota information I sent you. It is quite current. You'll notice in the bottom right hand corner that it was updated August 2011. As was pointed out, there is no guarantee of what will work. Perhaps you will find information for types of trees that work particularly well in your area by contacting your Anoka County Extension office:

U of M Extension
Anoka County
Bunker Hills Act Center
550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
Andover MN 55304-4199
(763) 755-1280 (phone)
(763) 755-6950 (fax)

I personally have the Royal Beauty weeping crabapple in my yard and have no sign or symptom of disease and it holds its small apples most of the winter here in Ramsey County.