Native Grasses in the QCV, Gunnison County

Asked July 11, 2014, 10:16 AM EDT

Eric McPhail:

Would you please check my list of native grasses and see if I'm correct?

J. M. Flick mentioned in 1895-- "all the native grasses" but he did not list any names. Below is what I have included from the CSU extension, et al.

"Despite the severe winters, the rich soil of the Quartz Creek Valley along with a seemingly limitless supply of water for irrigation, and native grasses—blue stem, buffalo, gamma, wire grass, wild oats, bunch grass, and of course foxtail. The Valley provided natural resources for ranching."

Flick reported they could grow “splendid crops of hay, all the tame grasses, clover and alfalfa growing to perfection.”

Any others?

Thanks again for your helpfulness.


Christian County Missouri pastures and forages native grasses

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Myron, you can always email me direct. I sometimes don't get these ask an expert questions. But glad I got yours. Great, I look forward to seeing you in August. On the pasture grasses, we have the grasses you mention, but they sure aren't the main ones in the valleys for hay. More typically we have large amounts of "meadow foxtail"(different than foxtail); red top, western wheatgrass, prairie junegrass,basin wild rye, reed canary grass,blue grama, indian rice grass, arizona fescue, red and Alsike clovers.

hope this helps--eric