Weed Control on 13 acres

Asked July 10, 2014, 11:10 AM EDT

We have an onslaught of weeds ;since the rains became common. Some of these weeds are growing up
to 3-4 feet with thorns and some to 6-8 feet near the pond area. Our concern is weed control without polluting the land and water . Will you suggest how or where to go for evaluation and help on this terrible problem, thank you Mrs. Darnell Garcia

Harris County Texas

1 Response

Are you wanting Chemical spray control options? I am having a little trouble understanding exactly what it is you are looking for? If it is spray control options you are looking for then I need to know what type of weeds we are trying to control and if you have a pesticide applicator license or not. This information would help in formulating my response to your question.