I have an old clematis (established) that I would like to transplant as it...

Asked July 9, 2014, 7:47 PM EDT

I have an old clematis (established) that I would like to transplant as it does not receive enough sun anymore. Could you give me some tips on how and when to do it? It has been in it's current location ten, plus years

Freeborn County Minnesota

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Thank you for your question regarding moving your clematis. It is best to move a clematis in the early spring. It can be done in later in the fall but may experience greater stress. When you choose to transplant the Clematis you will want to first prepare the site you will be transferring it to. The hole should be dug very large as an established plant has a large root system. Place some compost into the bottom of the hole and fill the hole with water. It will drain and give a moist start to the transferred plant.When digging out the established plant you will want to dig out at least 6 plus inches around the main root ball. Clematis roots are deep. You will want to dig down at least 1.5 feet, preferable more, to retain the largest amount of the root ball. When planting in the new hole place the stem 2-3 inches lower than it was in its original area. Fill it will soil and water. Continue giving it water, about 1 inch per week, with a slow trickle over an hour. All the best in moving your established plant.

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