leaves curling, brown

Asked July 9, 2014, 7:26 PM EDT

I am not sure what kind of tree this is, but it was planted about 8-9 years ago and is now about 15 feet tall. Just in the last week or so, the leaves began turning brown and curling up. It started with one branch, but has quickly progressed to many. Tonight I cut off a few if the worst branches thinking they were diseased, and noticed black ants going up and down the trunk and tightly curled, still green leaves in large bunches at the ends of some of the upper branches especially. Please identify the tree and problem if you can. Many thanks in advance for your time.

Elk County Pennsylvania

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Diagnoses would be much easier if you brought a sample into our Elk County Office. It would help to see both healthy leaves and those affected. The leaves in the background look "compound" meaning they have multiple leaflets on one leaf. Therefore if you can cut a healthy and affected sample including a small portion of the branch that would assist in identification. The Elk County Office is in the courthouse basement in Ridgway. Office phone number is 814-776-5331. We look forward to getting a closer look at your sample.