What ate my catfish?

Asked July 9, 2014, 7:42 AM EDT

We were fishing in our grandpas pond and caught 3 catfish, put them on a stringer, and left them for my husband to pick up. When he came an hour later to get them one was completely gone, another was half eaten with chunks out of it. The third was bitten in the tail area. They were tied to the dock. What could have eaten them, and are we okay to swim there? Thanks!

Hardin County Iowa

1 Response

There are a number of possibilities, but my best guesses are that the fish were either eaten by a hungry snapping turtle that came upon them, or a river otter. Either of these two animals could have easily picked off the fish in the time between when you left them at the dock and your husband got there. Neither of these animals would pose a threat to you if you wanted to go swimming.

Hope that helps!