2014 psyllids

Asked July 9, 2014, 7:21 AM EDT

Are you getting any reports of tomato pysllids this year?

Sure looks like I have some on my tomatoes.

Arapahoe County Colorado fruits and vegetables

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Yes, it is the time of year for psyllids to appear on tomatoes and potatoes.

Here is a link to the fact sheet on psyllids:


This fact sheet will help you to identify the insect so that you can effectively control the damage to your plants. Look for "lerps" or their poop which looks like salt crystals on the leaves. Neem oil or permethrin can be used to control the insect. Insecticidal soaps can be used but are less effective. Be sure to follow the directions provided on the label and use according to the directions. Both surfaces of the leaves should be sprayed for best results.

Thank you for your question.

Yes I know it is the time of year for them but are other people reporting seeing them?

I have not seen any pest alerts regarding psyllids. You can call the Arapahoe Extension office: 303-730-1920 and ask the Master Gardener on duty if there have been any recent questions coming into the office regarding psyllids.