Bare Root Trees in Boulder County?

Asked July 9, 2014, 7:01 AM EDT

Is it OK to buy and plant bare root trees in the Boulder area?

If so, where can a person buy bare root trees? Respected online sources?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs

3 Responses

Many of our local nurseries and tree farms will carry bar root stock. We have no specific recommendations in the Boulder area or online sources. Here is a link to an Arbor Day Foundation site on planting bare root trees - This will give you guidance on how and when to plant bare root stock.

I can't find any nurseries or tree farms in Boulder County that sell bare root stock. Would you please give me some examples of the many local places that do?

You might inquire directly at one of the Boulder County Tree farms. We do not keep lists of particular types of stock carried by local nurseries. Another alternative would be an internet search for bare root stock.