eradicate invasive, domestic Morning Glory plants

Asked July 8, 2014, 2:39 PM EDT

How to eradicate invasive, domestic Morning Glory plants

The plants are encroaching from a neighboring yard. To date, I’ve tried digging, cutting, Round Up, boiling water, and a solution of salt and vinegar, but the plants still thrive.

The Morning Glory destroyed 80-year old camellia and rhododendron plants, and there is no end in sight. Can you suggest a method of permanently eradicating this unwanted interloper? I hope my neighbor loses his hair.

Sacramento County California

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Unfortunately, we do not have anyone staffing Ask an Expert from your location. However, we do know the Sacramento Master Gardener office takes calls concering your specific request for information. I suggest you contact them to reach a Master Gardener that knows your plant materials and site conditions best. They can be reach at:

UC Cooperative Extension
Sacramento County
Master Gardeners
4145 Branch Center Road
Sacramento, CA 95827