Discolored "paprika" yarrow

Asked July 8, 2014, 12:12 PM EDT

I have a "paprika" (red) yarrow plant that does not produce the red blooms. It is planted under a large maple tree but gets a lot of sun from the west. What would help it get the red color? Could it be a lack of nutrients since it is close to the tree. It seems to grow well and spreads, just doesn't have the color in the flowers. The flowers are mostly beige. Only one stem has a red flower on it. The other 20 or so stems have beige flowers.

Warrick County Indiana

1 Response

Flower colors often change or fade as the flower ages. Did your plant ever have red flowers?

If not, it probably won't. It's genetics seem to be for producing primarily beige flowers. You may need to purchase another plant while it is blooming to be sure it has the red flowers you want.

Even though changing the soil or lighting will probably not lead to a major change in flower color, it is still a good idea to provide plenty of sunshine and be sure the pH and nutrient levels are correct for the plant. Submit a soil sample to your local extension office for analysis.