Is there a way to prevent hundreds of maple seedlings growing in my yard?

Asked July 8, 2014, 11:11 AM EDT

Hi. There is a large Red Maple tree in the yard next to mine. It produces thousands and thousands of small seeds each year, a large percentage of which end up in my lawn. Every year, I have hundreds of maple seedlings in my yard. Repeated mowing does not control them. Trying to prevent the seedlings by cleaning up the seeds hasn't helped, the seeds are small and raking probably just helps them get established in the soil! The only solution I have found to date is to individually uproot each seedling, which takes hours and hours of weeding. Is there a lawn-safe herbicide that will control tree seedlings, or is there some other way to prevent or eliminate this problem?? Thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

A per-emergent herbicide should prevent them from sprouting. Check the label and see if maple seedlings are listed. I have the same problem. I grab them with a pliers just after a rain or watering the lawn. Mine are in my perennial beds so using a herbicide is not an option. I probably pull over 500 a year.