problematic new potato shoots

Asked July 7, 2014, 10:38 PM EDT

Several months ago I planted several Swedish potato's (peanut?), they grew tall, strong and are now flowering, but the problem is that all around inside the grow boxes are new shoots, which are popping up in great number, even to the periphery of the grow box. Because of their great number and how far spread they are I am assuming they are not latent sprouts from the original seed potato's, but are (unfortunately) new shoots from the newly produced potato's, intended for our consumption and not for new plant production. What do you think is the source of these new shoots? Is there some scenario I've not imagined? This has not happened with the red potato's I'm growing.


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Hi, I'm sorry that your question hasn't yet been answered, and I regret to say that I cannot answer it. However, I'm including here a link to the California Master Gardener web site ( Please click on the link for your county to find a local telephone number.

Good luck with your potatoes.