my lemon tree doens't grow lemons

Asked July 7, 2014, 12:30 PM EDT

why doesn't my 6 year old meyer lemon tree ever make lemons. It's been in the ground 1 year and makes blooms every year.

Galveston County Texas

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Since your plant is producing flowers, it's a good indication that you have provided good growing conditions (ample sunlight exposure, good moisture conditions and drainage and soil fertility, etc.)

There can be up to four or five flushes of new growth on a citrus tree each year. Each flush is capable of producing flowers and setting fruit, but most citrus in Texas rarely produces any flowers or fruit after the spring growth flush. The exceptions are lemons and limes which can flower and set almost year-round.

Give your citrus tree time to "settle in" and become more established. You will very likely see better fruit set in the second year but my experience is that the plant will "know" when it's able to sustain fruit.

You will have to give it time and continue to provide favorable growing conditions mentioned above.