cucumber growing/picking

Asked July 5, 2014, 7:48 PM EDT

I have healthy cucumbers growing on the ground in my garden. They look very happy. Should I raise them off the ground on some type of trellis? Also, when is the best time to pick them off the vine? Lastly, can I use pressure treated wood for a trellis? Will it kill the vine?

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Cucumbers do not need to be on a trellis. Normally, they are allowed to sprawl on the ground. That is their normal growth habit. It's not a bad idea to put straw or newspapers under them to stop weeds and keep them from sitting in wet soil. For more information on cucumbers, look in Grow It Eat It > Growing vegetables for the cucumber profile.

Pressure treated wood is not recommended for raised beds in the vegetable garden. A trellis would probably be less problematic, because it would have less contact with soil, however there is arsenic in treated wood and it would eventually get into the soil to some degree. Avoid planting root vegetable crops near treated wood. The arsenic is not harmful to the plants.