Bat droppings on table in gazebo

Asked July 5, 2014, 1:49 PM EDT

We regularly find bat droppings on the eating table in our gazebo, but when we check in the ceiling crevices in the daytime to see if a bat is there, we can't see anything up there. We thought they fly at night and roost by day. Today there appears to be a very small dark place that could something living but even with binoculars we can't be sure. Having droppings on the eating table regularly is both unsanitary and inconvenient and we would appreciate advice on how to address this problem. Is there a deterrent we could apply to the gazebo ceiling that wouldn't hurt the bat? Why can't we see it in the daytime?

Montgomery County Virginia

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There is no deterrent that I am aware of. I would suggest you try exclusion, and the following link has a great deal of good information in it:

You could also contact your local County Agent and see if he / she might have some suggestions. They are very small, and can hide in very small areas. That could contribute to why you are unable to see it in the daytime.

Thanks, and hope this helps,