sawdust composting

Asked July 4, 2014, 7:46 PM EDT

Hi, how long should I be expecting to get a finish compost if I do a property ratio of urea and sawdust (with rock dust and sea weed for micro nutrients). And optimum condition of aeration and moisture.?
Stephan Pigeon
B.c., Can.

Outside United States

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A compost pile that has the best conditions of C:N, moisture and aeration should produce a finished product in 3 to 6 months. Temperature is also a big part of the process. One caution that I would give you is that using urea or any nitrogen fertilizer as your nitrogen source has a sterilizing effect on the compost pile. The addition of finished compost, animal manures, or top soil to the mix will give you the "bugs" (organisms) you need to get the composting process started. A good guide to the home composter is Making and Using Compost. For a more commercial type operation there is a pair of publication s that really gets deep into the subject, On-Farm Composting and Field Guide to On-Farm Composting.