Worm Eaten Broccoli Leaves

Asked July 4, 2014, 6:55 PM EDT

After you notice that many of your Broccoli leaves have been destroyed by worms, and all the worms have been taken care of, do you prune off the really damaged (eaten) leaves or do you just leave them be?

Nassau County New York

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Any remaining leaf surface can still help enable photosynthesis , so you can leave it until it begins to turn yellow. If you prefer to remove the more severely damaged leaves, it won't make much difference.

Thank you Julie for your response, much appreciated !! May I ask another ... My Blue Lake Pole beans are about 12 feet tall :) the top 6 feet have flowered just a little and have a few 1" beans - the bottom 6' has nothing but healthy leaves - I assume this is from a cool spring 11590 - I planted early in May using Mel's Mix & square foot garden method. Is there anything I could do to help get the lower half to produce something and maybe help push the top half as well??

Pole beans are sensitive to weather, both too cool or hot. Once they get going, they are usually continuous blooming and fruiting unless hot, summer weather causes blooms to drop. Since your vines seem healthy, more blooms will probably form still this summer but even more likely as fall approaches.