Hue do I get rid of the abundance of the wisteria roots underground also?u

Asked July 4, 2014, 8:14 AM EDT

There is a massive growth of wisteria growing an covering small trees like lilacs ten feet from our house heading towards the house. Also in big trees behind the house. How can we kill it or at least slow it down? I have read one can paint cut off vines with glyphosate. What concentration? We cannot afford hiring a professional. I prefer to use glyphosate due to its lack of toxicity to people as well as specificity to only the plants treated and lack of spread on the soil. Please send advice and also brochures. Thanks. It appears to be taking over the forest behind us.

Brown County Ohio

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You can paint glyphosate onto the plant you want to kill. Be careful not to get it on desirable plants.

As far as the rate, you must follow the label. There are many different concentrations of glyphosate available, so the label for the product you have must be what you use to determine the rate.

If you have questions, my cell is 937-515-2314.

David Dugan
ANR Extension Educator
Adams, Brown and Highland Counties