I have a agricultural pest that I cannot identify or get rid of. It is a...

Asked July 2, 2014, 7:55 PM EDT

I have a agricultural pest that I cannot identify or get rid of. It is a small blackish soft bodied insect. They are living in the coir of my aquaponics system and the young smaller ones are damaging patches on the underside of my lettuce leaves. This causes the leaves to become spotted black, shrivel and die. I have tried Bt and a sugar based pesticide to no avail. I have more pictures available.

Hamilton County Ohio

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I am not sure what that particular insect is, however, in terms of biological control we have had some success with parasitic wasps. They can be purchased and sprinkled onto the plants that need help. You may want to contact Nathan Brockman, staff entomologist at Reiman Gardens. http://info.iastate.edu/individuals/info/194565/Brockman-Nathan