Tomato plant problem

Asked July 1, 2014, 11:34 PM EDT

I'm trying to determine what may be living in my garden soil. For the second year in a row I have planted tomatoes and after they get up and going, the leaves become stunted and curled. The plants will bloom & may even set fruit, but the blooms are often very small and the fruit doesn't always reach ripe stage. There are very small nodules along the base of the stems on most of the plants, but not all of them. This condition affects all of my tomato plants, regardless of variety. This year I have at least 4 different varieties planted. I've included photographs of some of my plants in hopes that you can help me with the problem.

Atascosa County Texas

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Thanks for sending in the photos the image on the right is adventitious roots which is normal for tomato plants to do this.

The other two images looks like it may be some sort of herbicide damage