Concord Grape Death

Asked June 27, 2014, 1:55 PM EDT

I have a 20+ year old concord grape vine that has been consistently hardy. Production varies from year to year, but we always had great vine growth. This spring & summer, it appears dead. There are no buds and the main stem is dry and cracked. Is there any hope? The attached pictures show last year's bounty and the pictures with no growth are from this year. What happened?

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Sorry this took so long to answer. I just got the question.

Concord is a very hardy grape but the most likely explanation is the winter cold killed the plant. Especially after last winter. I work in SW Michigan and we had many grape vines killed to the snowline. Concord is one on the hardiest grapes we grow and we had injury in it as well. Besides the varieties that are cold sensitive, vines that were stressed by heavy crop or drought are less tolerant of winter cold. If there are no shoots coming up from the base of the plant by this time the plant is dead and should be replaced. I notice that where is very little growth in the bricks of your patio where the grape grows. I would be very careful with herbicides to control weeds around the plant.