An Extension 4-H Educator in Ohio & have been asked by Fair Board in...

Asked June 27, 2014, 12:18 PM EDT

An Extension 4-H Educator in Ohio & have been asked by Fair Board in metro county if any such thing as a "portable milking parlor exists which could be borrowed or rented for Fair Week. We have no milking parlor on grounds & it was felt that if such a thing were made available we might attract more dairy exhibitors, since we "import" them from nearby counties-- no real functioning dairy farms left in our County. Is there such a thing as a portable/temporary milking parlor, & if so how does one get in contact with someone who has this?

Cuyahoga County Ohio

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Hello,Are you from Cuyahoga County? Just wanting to refer you to someone close.Thank you,Deb

Yes, question asked on behalf of Cuyahoga County Fair Board.

Have you checked with any surrounding counties or your local FFA organization?Thanks.Deb

Just wanted to know if there was such a thing first. No FFA chapter in our County so would have to check w other counties on thsi also.

Hello,Portable milking parlors have been constructed by individual producers but they are usually only permitted under an experimental milk license, and thus these parlors have not been accepted as standard practice. I'm not aware of any commercial sources of these parlors. We had one in our state for a few years where the producer milked the cows in the pasture, and because the cows could not be readily moved from the pastures to the farmstead, he moved the cows from pasture to pasture and transported a portable milking parlor from the farmstead in the field for milking twice daily. He was required by the Health Department to have a licensed milk house on his farmstead with approved cleaning and sanitation equipment so the portable milking parlor could be cleaned properly after each milking.If you can identify a person with a portable milking parlor, and this person has used it successfully with State Health Department approval, perhaps under a special permit, such a parlor may be permitted. But, you would have to identify the equipment and proceed with the appropriate authorities that could approve it.I hope that helps.Robert R. PetersProfessor and Extension Dairy Specialist University of Maryland

Thanks for this information. It tell s us about what we would need to think about & do in order to prepare anything temporary on the Fairgrounds for Fair Week.